We provide many programs for“Holocaust survivors” in our community including emergency allocations, payment of medical bills, funds for warm clothing, appliances and cleaning help. We are one of the largest service organizations for Holocaust survivors in the Metropolitan area.

Under the able leadership of the Chairman of the Jewish Caucus The Hon. Councilman Mark Levine, Guardians of the Sick joined with the ‘NYC Council Survivors’ Initiative’ to provide funding for poverty-stricken Holocaust survivor.

Staying Healthy with Diabetes and High Blood Sugar

BikurCholimChesed Organization hosts monthly educational programs for community members with diabetes and high blood sugar. Gatherings take place on Tuesday evenings, at The Boro Park Center for Rehabilitation and Healthcare, 4915 10th Avenue at 8:15pm sharp. For scheduling, or to be added to the mailing list, please contact Shlomis, at (718) 438-2020, ext. 7432. Meetings are free of charge.

Confidential Gatherings for Frum Women with Cancer

Bikur Cholim Chesed Organization hosts monthly friendship gatherings for frum women who are in treatment for or have been in treatment for cancer. The meetings take place on the first Tuesday of the month from 11am-12:30pm, at 5216 11th Avenue, and are free of charge. For more information, please leave a confidential message for Shlomis at (718) 438-2020, ext. 7432.

Friendship Gatherings for Holocaust Survivors with Low Vision

“Project for Holocaust Survivors” at Bikur CholimChesed Organization offers monthly friendship gatherings for members of the ShaareiHaPleita who are experiencing significant vision decline. Meetings are held once a month usually on a Monday, over lunch. Door-to-door transportation is provided from all neighborhoods in Brooklyn. Please call Shlomis at (718) 438-2020 ext. 7432, for more information and scheduling.

Tea Party for Holocaust Survivors with Diabetes/High Blood Sugar

BikurCholimChesed Organization’s Project for Holocaust Survivors hosts a monthly tea party for members of the ShaareiHaPleita who are experiencing diabetes or high blood sugar. Meetings are held once a month on a Tuesday afternoon. Door to door transportation is provided from all neighborhoods in Brooklyn. Please call Shlomis at (718) 438-2020 ext. 7432 for more information and scheduling.

“Afternoon Chevra” for Retired Men Who are Holocaust Survivors

“Project for Holocaust Survivors” at BikurCholimChesed Organization, along with “Club Nissim” at the Boro Park Y offer a weekly program for retired men who are Holocaust survivors. Activities include exercise, drasha by a well-known Magid Shiur, current events discussions over hot potato kugel, and mincha. Meets every Thursday at 2pm at the Boro Park Y, at 4912 14th Avenue. For more information, please call Mr. Yossi Wiener at (917) 744-1794.

“The Chesed Club” for Holocaust Survivors Who Love to Volunteer

photo_122707_015“Project for Holocaust Survivors” at BikurCholimChesed Organization organizes volunteer groups of female ShaareiHaPleita members who assemble craft packages for children in local hospitals. Meetings take place at 1:30pm on Wednesday afternoons, once or twice a month, at the Boro Park Y, 4912 14th Ave. For more information and scheduling, please call Aliza at (718) 438-2020, ext. 7416.

  • Guardians of the Sick’s very successful “Project Lev” assists many Holocaust survivors who live alone without any involved family. Through Project Lev we take care of these lonely seniors, serving as their ‘nieces’, setting up doctor’s appointments, advocating with their home health aides, visiting with them and taking care of their bills, etc.
  • Guardians of the Sick operates a fully stocked “hospitality” room in NY Methodist Hospital. The suite is replete with food and snacks, sandwiches, soups and yogurts. Being in the hospital at any time is a difficult experience, but in the comfort of the hospitality suite, patients’ families can relax and enjoy a hot meal.
  • State-of-the art Medical “Equipment Free-Loan”–wheelchairs, Hoyer lifts, rollators, crutches, walkers, commodes etc. are loaned free of charge. Guardians of the Sick provides hospital beds which are delivered and assembled.  This important service is available even after business hours.

CCTV Video Magnifier G’mach at BikurCholimChesed Organization, for Community Members with Poor Vision

BikurCholimChesed Organization has a g’mach for long-term loans of CCTV video magnifiers, to community members with poor vision.  The machines, measuring 2 feet long and 2.5 feet high, allow people with significantly reduced vision to magnify up to 70 times.  CCTVs are frequently used for reading (mail, cooking labels, newspapers, Gemorah learning) and viewing photographs.

Please contact ShlomisBloxenheim for more information, at (718) 438-2020, ext. 7432, or to set up an appointment to try one out. 

  • Guardians of the Sick’s “Medical Alert Project”–we supply and maintain emergency alert units that prevent tragedies and save lives each and every day. Units are provided at very reduced rates or at no cost to those unable to afford it.
  • “Homes with a Heart” Program deals with children who due to difficult circumstances are unable to remain in their homes. Placements are arranged with host families thus providing these children with safety and normalcy.
  • “Medical Assistance Fund” in which Guardians of the Sick helps alleviate the financial pressure of the needy sick by paying for various medical treatments including emotional and physical therapy and doctor bills.
  • Our famed “Volunteer Program” arranges volunteers to visit the sick and lonely in hospitals, nursing homes and private homes.  Hot nourishing meals are provided at no cost and delivered with a healthy dose of good cheer.
  • “Burial Society” – traditional burial with the utmost respect for the deceased. Low cost or free burial is provided for the indigent ensuring that Jewish law guidelines are adhered to properly.
  • Free “support groups” are provided for cancer patients, those with low vision and individuals dealing with diabetes.  The diabetic support groups are so successful, that hospitalization rates are down by 75%!