Daf Hashovua Siyum on Perek Lulav Hagozol

Last Sunday, participants of the Daf Hashovua/Monsey Night Seder Chabura, gathered for divrei chizuk upon the completion of Perek Lulav Hagozol. Harav Zalman Leib Hollander, Rav of Khal Nachlas Moshe of Monsey, delivered an inspiring drashah, emphasizing the significance and importance of Daf Hashovua. Rav Hollander began by noting that those who are Daf Hashovua participants are not the ones who really need chizuk.

They are already immersed in intensive Torah learning and are enjoying the sipuk that comes as a result. Rather, their learning is a chizuk to the rest of us. The Rav noted the Chazal from the weekly sedrah on the passuk: “Zos HaTorah, adam ki yamus b’ohel,” that Torah is acquired by one who is “meimis atzmo oleha.” This refers to the great effort an individual puts forth in his chazarah to absorb the Torah he has studied thoroughly. In this way the Parah Adumah is a kapparah for the chet ha’egel.

One of the results of the chet ha’egel and breaking of the first set of luchos is the that we no longer automatically remember all the Torah we learn. Only with sincere chazarah, if a person is “meimis atzmo oleha,” can we restore the original ability to retain all the Torah we have studied. Surely, the Daf Hashovua program, with its great emphasis on chazarah, fulfills this tikkun for the chet ha’egel.

In Pirkei Avos it is written that anyone who is mekabel ol Torah is freed from ol malchus and ol derech eretz. Explained Rav Hollander, the Daf Hashovua Chabura, in which a person expends so much time and energy on one daf, is the definition of being mekabel ol Torah. Chazal explain that the more a person puts into ol Torah, he is proportionally freed from the yoke of government and parnassah.

Finally, Rav Hollander brought from Birchos HaTorah, that we daven each morning “that we and all our descendants and the Klal Yisrael, kulanu, all of us, should know Your name and learn Your Torah, lishmah.” Rav Hollander asked, what does the word kulanu add? We already enumerated ourselves and our children and grandchildren and all of Klal Yisrael! He explained that kulanu does not refer to the number of people who are learning, but rather to the quality of our learning. That our limud haTorah should be all encompassing and become part of our being.

He explained that some translate the words “v’haarev na” not to mean to make sweet the words of Torah, but to mix the words of Torah into our very essence, to become part of our DNA. That is the quality of learning that Daf Hashovua provides. When a chaburah devotes every day of the week to truly absorb a daf, they are mikayem this aspect of “v’haarev na.”

Daf Hashovua will begin Maseches Beitzah on Erev Sukkos 5777. Join now and see what it’s all about. For more information about Daf Hashovua please contact by email or call 718-376-9663. Contact Monsey Night Seder by email or call 845-558-0600.